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How many days old are you? And when's your next big dayiversary?

Days is a simple online tool that calculates how many days old you are and your next day-based milestone (e.g. 10,000 days old, or 12,345 days old). Counting days feels more "human" in scale than counting years: I can comprehend a day, while a year is overwhelming.

Media: Days received a lively following on Reddit's "Internet is Beautiful" community, and was featured on Random Useful Website.



Newspapers hedging things

A visual commentary on newspapers' tendency to use "might", "allegedly" and "could" unnecessarily in headlines.



The Rent Calculator

Divide the rent on a flat so that everyone feels she got the best deal in the house

The Rent Calculator is based on the mathematical principles of envy-free division, sometimes known as "cake cutting algorithms." My implementation in Javascript uses jQuery sliders for easy data input.




Which of these famous websites has higher traffic?

Which? is a simple online quiz that asks users which of two popular websites has higher traffic, testing our intuitions and knowledge about the relative size of different sites.




Politicians saying Kafka's Zürau Aphorisms

Juxtaposition of politicians' faces and quotes from Franz Kafka's Zürau's Aphorisms.




Meep Meep Meep Meep

Meep takes an input (constructed entirely of the words "Mee" and "Meep") and translates it to English i.e. returns an English-language string of the same length


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