Politicians Saying Kafka's Aphorisms

by Uri Bram

why? I'm learning to code, and it seemed like fun.

wh.. wh.. what? Politicians saying quotes from Franz Kafka's The Zürau Aphorisms.

"After he was diagnosed with tuberculosis in August 1917, in order to recover,
Kafka moved for a few months to the Bohemian village of Zürau....
Kafka had decided not to do literary work there ... [but he kept diaries
and from the notes he] ... extracted 109 numbered pieces of text on ...
single pieces of paper in no given order. These aphorisms were first published in 1931 ...
[under the title] Reflections on Sin, Hope, Suffering, and the True Way." Wikipedia

More info: Zürau Aphorisms with Commentary, by Michael Cisco

why? (higher level) I'm not sure, really, it just seemed like a somehow intriguing combination.
If you think this is making a thoughtful political point, it's not.
Not endorsed by any of the politicians pictured (nor by Kafka).